Monday, May 18, 2009

We Are The Cure!

This weekend, my beautiful wife and I shared the honor of participating in our cities 16th annual, Komen Race For The Cure. On a day where rain was imminent, somehow the race route was spared any significant bad weather as we were blessed to have some ideal conditions for the over 45,000 participants of the event.

As usual the event was a dedication to the many women (and men) who courageously battle cancer as well as those who have lost their battles to this illusive disease. This year, however, there was one particular story that bonded many of the participants, for this was the year that we celebrate Heather Pick, a local newscaster who's life was shortend by this disease. Although I did not know Heather personally, following the story of her courageous battle over the past years couldn't help but make me feel connected to her and her family. So much so that my wife and I proudly donned our pink wigs and joined 'Heathers Team' of over 6000 strong.

As we walked to the starting point the 10TV traffic copter hovered over head. This seemed appropriate since Heather spent many years at 10TV. I can only imagine the awe-inspiring view from above as the sea of pink and white meandered along the city streets. How it must have felt to see 10's of thousands of people all gravitating to the the starting point then funneled onto the raceway like pink toothpaste being squeezed from its tube. 10's of thousands, all there for a shared purpose; all motivated by a chapter from their own life story that when bound together form the book called 'Race for the Cure'.

Although the participants wear predomanently pink and white, the emotions of which they participate are infinite. We walked along the course and read the many signs worn by other participants; We saw joy, sorrow, relief, sadness, unity, freedom, determination, uncertainty and many other emotions. We became fully aware that this disease is not exclusive to one age group, gender, race, social or religious sector. Cancer does not just effect the carrier, but also the families, friends, co-workers, and anyone who's life has been touched by the carrier. One shirt that expecially touched me was in memory of a woman who lost her battle. The photograph of the woman with outstretched arms, as if she was flying, resonated the caption which was "Lived well, Laughed Often, Loved Much, Finally Free!" What can you say but Wow!

Of all of the many shirt designs that we saw, it's the pink survior shirts that gave hope that doctors are making progress in the fight against Cancer.

Another thing that I found very interesting was the support from people from all different walks of life: White collar, blue collar, even dog collar. Yes the hounds were out in force doing their part for the cause. That's one cool pup!!!

So all in all it was a wonderful event that my wife and I look forward to participating in next year.

How about you? Are you a supporter of the Race for the Cure? I'd like to hear your story.

See you next time on my Ride to Utah!

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