Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 5 -Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon was my third stop and I found it to be one of the most awe inspiring sites to date. Multi-colored sandstone carved over time by wind and rain have created a garden of massive walls, columns and spires that truly boggle the mind. These mystical sand castles change color with the light of day providing an endless array of photo opportunities. The hike down into the canyon takes you to the base of the massive sandstone structures, forming slots of varying shape and size. In one of the slots is where I found this group of Ohio State fans. It seems like the Buckeyes were well represented.

All along the trail you look up, hundreds of feet and you feel as if the spires are alive and looking down on you, watching every move you make.

At the base of the canyon cedar, holly and plumrose are abundant. The cedar trees take many intriguing shapes as their growth is influenced by the dessert climate.

This cool tree made a great location to pose for a family picture.

The trail continues for many miles in many directions until you begin to zig-zag back up out of the canyon. Tunnels, carved through the rock act as doors to the next chamber. The view again changes as you gain altitude.

Finally as we exit the canyon we are blessed with a beautful moonrise over the canyon walls. It's time to just watch and listen to the solitude of the
ensuing nightfall.

Oh to be a tree blessed with the duty of standing guard over this hallowed ground. I would love to hear the tale of what this tree has seen.
This would normally be the end of my tour of Southern Utah, however, inclimate weather in Wyoming and across the Dakotas have altered my plans. Tomorrow I will head south again to Escalante Canyon to view the beautiful Calf Creek Falls. I look forward to some warmer weather as it's been quite cool here in Ogden.
I'll keep you posted!

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