Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kuamoo + Oldaker Wedding


It’s early in the morning on the 6th of September and the sun is just beginning to peak over the clouds that blanket the Gulf. But over Houston, the skies are clearing in what is shaping up to be the perfect day for a very special event. On this day two young hearts will become one. Two families will be joined by the bond created when their JLK_8386children are joined in matrimony.

The day before the ceremony the celebration had already JLK_8389begun. The dogs were anticipating that something big was about to happen. Andy and his dad, Kevin, spent some quality time sipping some home brew while watching The Buckeyes/Navy football game.

In the mean time Lani’s family was flying in from Ohio to join the festivities. Okay, so they JLK_8365didn’t fly in on F-15s, but these fighters took off from Port Columbus Airport on their way to a fly-by engagement at the Buckeye football game.

Soon after Lani’s family JLK_8390arrived at the apartment, it was off to a Japanese Steak House for a wonderful pre-wedding dinner. The meal was hot, but come wedding day the bride JLK_8567_Lani&Andyand groom were hotter!!!

Today is no doubt a very special day for all, but for daddy, yes that’s me, I played the dual role as father of the bride and photographer. The dual role, although somewhat complicated at times, is gladly accepted since today I give my princess away to Andy’s loving care.

It’s a grand day full of family friends and even a duck or two.

So check out Lani and Andy’s photo album of their special day and give them some love as you view the festivities. Enjoy!

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