Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What is it??? – Fun photo ideas


JLK_9606   Are there times when you have trouble coming up with creative ideas for your photos?  Are you getting bored with taking the same landscapes or stills?  If so, check out this shot.    What do you think it is?   Perhaps a field of neon dandelions?    Maybe it’s the Northern Lights.   I guess it could just be an accidental shutter release (yeah we’ve all done that).


Now let’s rotate the picture by 90 degrees CW.    Does it look more familiar now?   Well if you guessed that it’s the dashboard on a car, you’re right.   But wait, it’s not in focus so it’s not a very good shot.   Well, that’s the fun.   Try using timed JLK_9606exposures in low light situations and see what you come up with.    This picture was shot with a 10 second shutter speed @ F8.     Slow enough to capture the low light of the dash while not fast enough to freeze the image.  

The following series of shots were taken in a moving vehicle while traveling down a local freeway.   As you view the shots, take note of the different colors and curves as the road twists and turns and the camera vibrates from the bumps on the road.    Fun  stuff?   Give it a try, you just might like your results.   And don’t worry about whether the results are correct because it’s art, and there are no right or wrong shots.  But please don’t try this while driving.    I want you around to read my next post. 

So what do you think is it art, crap or just plain fun?   Often it’s a fine line between the two.   Let me know some of your fun photo ideas that get your creative juices going.

See you next time!

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