Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 9 - Colorado to Kansas

After 4 hours of sleep it was back on the road. Today my journey took me from Frutia, CO to Salina, KS.; a little over 900 miles all in all. That leaves me with just over 800 miles for tomorrow's final leg. My original plan was to go all the way to Junction City so that I could eat breakfast at Stacey's, the place I spoke about on day 2, but I decided to stop a little short of Jct. City so that I could catch the final period of the Stanley Cup from my hotel room. Perhaps I'll still hit Stacey's tomorrow. It's that good!

The weather was good today although the Colorado Rockys got a lot of snow last night which made it quite cold passing through the Arapaho Basin. Although the scenery was exceptional (sorry no pictures) needless to say I couldn't wait to get to lower elevations so that I could finally warm up. I also made a few more gasoline stops so that I didn't repeat yesterdays incident, although I am now carrying a small gas can, just in case. I was also a bit tired today, so I needed to stretch more often.
Unfortunately, the timing of when I passed through central Kansas was such that I was not able to stop in Wichita for a Nu Way burger (maybe next time).
Due to the pace that I was trying to keep, I didn't take many pictures. Tomorrow I'll wrap things up with my final post for this trip. I'll provide some general trip statistics, travel trips, and general comments.
Off to bed now so I'm ready for an early start tomorrow.


  1. Jerry, We have enjoyed your prose almost as much as your pictures. I would recommend you have a picture party with all of your friends so you can show everyone your trip pictures at once on your big screen TV. Yes, I think it would be a great reason for a party!! Let us know when you are able to reduce your pictures from 11,983 to a more viewable 453. See ya soon. Lynn and Myron

  2. Alright Sweetheart, time to come home. Your cross country journey has given me enough anxiety to last a lifetime. Glad you enjoyed the come home! Love & Miss You!

  3. A picture party sounds like a great idea, however I think what you are getting at is that any party is a great idea. I'll be in touch!

  4. I'm coming home, babe. Love you!